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“Precise Poetry Converted Into Abstract”

Poetry is a blend of imagination, truth, archaic fears, and emotions, whatever you wish it to be. It's not all about Harry met Sally love stories. It ...

“The Challenge Of Diversity: The Witness Of Paul And The Gospels”

The heart of Professor Rhoads ideas here is essentially to develop and strengthen a heightened awareness to the multifaceted nature of the Bible and i...

“Today’s New International Version”

Rodney Gilbert                        
Class: RELN 2110 I

10 p's of marketing

TEN P’S OF MARKETING MARKETING MIX: 1. The marketing mix approach to marketing is a model of crafting and implementing marketing strategies. 2. I...



    All businesses are confronted with the general problem of having to make decisions under conditions of uncertai

Adeno-Associated Virus As A Vector

One of the obstacles to successful cell-replacement therapy is apoptotic death of donor cells following transplantation [3, 5].  Adult retinal st...

Advanced Biology

Josh Wienczkowski
EN 101 Saunier
November 21, 2005
Documentation, "Advanced Biology"
    "There is no God!  How do you

African American Religious Music

African American religious music is the foundation of all contemporary forms of so called "black music."  African American religious music has be...

African Time Concept

After reading the chapters from African Religions and Philosophies by Mbiti I discovered that Africans have a totally different perception of time tha...

African Traditional Religion

In this paper I wish to examine the place and the role of women according to African Religion. The paper focuses on three areas: mythology, proverbs a...

African Traditional Religions

Activity #2

Traditional African Religion

The Religious Sphere
There is widespread belief in a supreme God, unique and tran


Africism represents a system of religious thoughts and beliefs of the African people. The term, Africism, is an overarching term describing these many...

afro-latin religions

Part One: Service Observation

Mission and Principles
    For the first field work assignment I visited the KRST Unity Center

After life

The afterlife, in many cases, sounds more magnificent than life as we know it. Beliefs about an afterlife are, in fact, beliefs and not perfectly accu...


Richard Pliska
Death and Dying
Prof. Brewer

The Afterlife
    Considering my thoughts on the afterlife is som