To run a successful business

To run a successful business timely, reliable and valid data is needed. Information helps managers make better decisions. Companies gather data on a continuous basis from inside and outside the organization. Information age has allowed manager’s to gather large amounts of data in small time. The methods for gathering and analysis data are becoming more and more sophisticated owing to the immense scope of technology. So technology in research plays a vital role in the survival of the company. Many argue that as we venture further into the frontier of technology we proceed with a slow death of society, by losing culture and ultimately a sense of self. To a certain extent this may be true, but realistically if we cease to progress we wont be able to survive. (Robert) There are many examples of advantages and disadvantages some mentioned were “Technology has the ability to create shortcuts in working and can make tasks easier also. Solid examples are cars, calculators and phones, through technology life may be faster but is also easier.

To further this point a fact brought up by Joann was that diseases we have today would be and could have become epidemics, if it were not for technology being there in the field of medicine, medical advances would not have happened or would have come years later (Joann). As far as transportation man has come a long way from horses and coal driven trains to computer navigable and driven cars. In boats crossing the Atlantic it took four to six months, in 747 airliner commercial jets takes ten to fifteen hours (Dana), even though they add to the pollution crisis a population accustomed to having these conveniences is still using them regardless.

Among other advantages is the fact that with technology communications is a hun ...
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