Terracog Global Positioning Systems
Letter of Transmittal
To    Ed Pryor- VP, Sales
    Harold Whistler- VP, Design & Development
    Tony Barren- Director, Production
    Emma Richardson- Executive Vice President
Date    17/03/2008
Subject:  Pricing strategy & viability of “Project Aerial”
Enclosed report deals with the launching price problem being faced by TerraCog for its forthcoming GPS product Aerial, different options that are available to the company, selection criteria for evaluation and proposed solution along with action plan and contingency plan.

Executive Summary

There is significant disagreement over the proposed pricing of Aerial between the different departments.
Presently TerraCog has 3 options. It could offer the product at a price which is substantially higher than its competitors, try to offer the product at a price which is slightly higher than its competitors or defer the launching.
Each of the 3 options is assessed separately against the 3 criteria that have been used for evaluation.
Conclusively, it is recommended that the launching should be deferred by 3 months. A contingency plan is also discussed which suggests that the product should not be launched to the market at all.  

(Word Count- 106)

TABLE OF CONTENTS:                                                     PAGE NO.

SITUATION ANALYSIS……………………….................................................... &nbs ...
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