Scenario One: Gene One


Scenario One:  Gene One
Beverly H. Owens
University of Phoenix
January 15, 2006

    Gene One, a gene technology company, finds itself on the cusp a breakthrough after only eight years in business.  Gene One was started by friends and family who invested their skills, passion, and money into gene technology.  After eight years, Gene One realizes potential growth opportunity by becoming and IPO on the stock market.  However, the challenge for the CEO is the somehow alter the culture of the company ? maintain the skill level of the core team, while maximizing the opportunity for IPO.  
The Situation
    Gene One is a gene technology company that began to recognize $400 million in the first eight years of business.  The CEO is contemplation becoming an IPO to enhance the opportunities of the company.  Gene One has established a committed team who possesses the skills product new technologies that will help in the community by helping to eradicate disease in crops.  Each member seems to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to Gene One, but also offers opportunities for conflict.   The core team includes Michelle Houghton, CFO, has a strong sense of ownership and emotional attachment to the company, and has been successful in obtaining private and government funding (2006).  Charles Jones, Marketing Officer, is committed to creating a strong brand for Gene One.  Teri Robertson, Chief Technology Officer, is one of the original team and Don's niece who is completed absorbed with Gene One.  Greg Thoman, Chief Human Resource Officer, has been successful in making sure that Gene One has a more than capable staff.&nb ...
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