Old Alfred Road

Portfolio = $180,000
•    We get $16,200 a year or $1,350 a month in nominal terms.
•    Our portfolio grows at a nominal rate of 9% or a real annual rate of 4.8% = (1.09/1.04) - 1
Savings = $12,000
•    Our savings is growing at a nominal rate of 5% or a real annual rate of .96% = (1.05/1.04) – 1
Social Security
•    We will get $750 a month from social security; this amount will always stay true since it is indexed for inflation. In other words its real interest rate is 0%.
•    We have $1,500 living expenses and $500 for fun and travel. We should ask if these are real values? In other words, if the real rate at which these expenses are growing is 0%.

1.)    Can he safely spend all the interest from his portfolio investment?

o    No, because the real value of his monthly interest is $720 = $180,000 * (.048/12) and when we add $750 we have a total amount of $1,470 which does not cover the $2,000 or $1,500 if we were to drop all of his hobby expenses.

2.)    How much could he withdraw at year-end from that portfolio if he wants to keep its real value intact?

o    Future Value (in real terms) at year end = 180,000*(1.04) = $7200
o    Annual Interest (nominal) = $16,200
o    $16,200 - $7200 = $9000
o    This amount is possible only if the portfolio and its interest are not used to at all.  He physically would receive the $16,200, but its purchasing power is not the same.     

3.)    Suppose Mr. Road will live for 20 more years …you read the rest…How much can he afford to sp ...
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