Motivation Theories

Describe how the people can be motivated in your two companies? Use the following theories:  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, McGregor’s X & Y Theory, Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory and the Three Needs Theory!

All four motivation theories have some positive aspects. The first three are very well known and they are three of the oldest motivation theories developed. Some aspects of each theory are represented in today’s motivation theories in big organizations.
Basically Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a summary of all needs a human being can desire. Even today there is nothing speaking against this theory. Everyone has physiological-, safety-, social-, esteem- and self – actualization needs. Nowadays Theory Y is much more effective than Theory X. However there are always levels in an organization and work which has to be supervised more strictly and be managed by Theory X. Not for Siemens though. Siemens has clear goals and objectives and sets deadlines to achieve them. However the employees are tried to be integrated and motivated on a steady basis. At Siemens also Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory is taken into account. According to Herzberg a little salary causes dissatisfaction. However a higher salary just causes no dissatisfaction and not satisfaction. Siemens knows that and for instance at higher management level not only the salary is increased but there are also long time bonuses for fulfilled achievements, company shares for growth and so on. With these motivation factors Siemens also tries to satisfy his employees. In addition to that Siemens employees are given many physiological and safety needs like health care, insurance, spa programs, part & flextime work, childcare and m ...
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