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Kerzner Office Equipment Research
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Strategic Implementation and Alignment / MBA 590

    This paper defines and applies key concepts of project management and alternative solutions to project problems. Given an understanding of leadership in project management and the challenges of developing high-performance project teams, this paper explores relevant concepts including ethics in project management, leading by example, management by walking around and managing versus leading. The alternative solutions to project management problems include the challenge of developing high-performance project teams. This paper examines creating a shared vision, recruiting members and team identity as solutions to this challenge. Status reports and the project control process play important roles in contributing to the overall project success. All these concepts play important roles in how managers lead the implementation of plans to get the job done.
Leadership and project management are important in any project team. These concepts develop cohesiveness and stability within a group. High performance project teams help to assess and dispel any challenges faced with developing a strategic project team. Amber Briggs, human resource specialist Krezner Office Equipments, is facing these two areas, leadership in project management and high performance project teams, within her project team.
Ms. Briggs is concerned with establishing ethics within her project team, which will lay the foundation for her teams. Concepts including leading by example, getting the employees involved through recruiting people, a ...
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