Halina Case Analysis


I.    Time Context:

II.    View Point:
Mr. Victor E. Herrera, chairman of the board of Blue Heights Realty and Development corporation.

III.    Statement of the Problem:
How will Blue Heights Realty and Development corporation be able to have enough budget to establish the Halina Mountain Resort?

IV.    Objectives:

1.    Short-range Objectives: To establish a resort that will give customer satisfaction by means of good services and complete facilities and amenities.
2.    Long-range Objectives: To be able to establish a first-class and well-known mountain resort.

V.    Areas of Consideration:

1.    Strength
-    Halina Mountain Resort is a company owned business.
-    The first Resort in the area that has a restaurant.
-    The resort is the first resort to be reached in Laguna.

2.    Weakness
-    No safety measures mentioned.
-    Halina Mountain Resort don't have enough budget.
-    The key personnel of the resort are from Herrera family.

3.    Opportunity
-    Popularity is gained through customers, who share their experience to others through videos, pictures and others; it acts as an advertisement for the Resort.

4.    Threat
-    Natural Disaster like typhoon, earthquakes and others.
-    Other Competitors in the area that was patronized by people, or may have a low price.
-     The Resort is near a cr ...
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