EasyCar belongs to the easyGroup family of companies, founded by Stelios. Stelios entered the business with a low cost air carrier easyJet, the first flight being between Luton and Scotland in 1995.  easyJet put forth a business model that strived to give the lowest cost product to the consumer by cutting down costs through the use of internet only reservation, simple point to point flights and yield management policies. As the airline evolved in to a “brand”, Stelios extended the brand and found easyGroup.
easyGroup evolved over the years and now consists of the following businesses:
•    easyJet
•    easyInternetCafe
•    easyCar
•    easyValue
•    easyMoney
•    easyCinema
•    easyBus
•    easyHotel
•    easyOffice    •    easy4men
•    easyJobs
•    easyPizza
•    easyMusic
•    easyCruise
•    easyTelecom
•    easyWatch
•    easyVan
Brand Values
EasyGroup’s builds its brand based on the following values:
•    Great values    •    Taking on the big boys
•    For the many not the few    •    Relentless innovation
•    Keep it simple    •    Entrepreneurial
•    Making a difference in people’s lives    •    Honest, open, caring and fun
easyGroup’s mission is to, “manage and extend Europe’s leading value brand t ...
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