Ask a kid ‘what’s the occasion to eat the chocolate’, and pat will come the reply, nothing but still I want to eat it.

Chocolates as a segment thrive on excitement and innovation. And this segment has huge scope in India for the following few reasons.

Indian’s love sweets.

§ Younger generations of Indian’s are more comfortable with the idea of eating and sharing chocolate.

§ Affluence, and spending power of Indian consumers is increasing day by day.

§ Currently Indian markets offer huge potential as it has 2nd largest population base in the world.

§ Fast expanding large retail format is an added advantage for the chocolate segment, which is expected to further boost their sale.

§ For India chocolates is a new and happening concept, as against almost saturated chocolate market of west.

Presented below are few statistic’s about the various Impulse buying segment products’ and their market share.

§ Snack Foods Market Size : Rs 4500 crore (ET 26/02/07)

(Branded Snack Food Market :Rs 1300 crore( ET 26/02/07))

§ Soft Drinks Market Size : Rs 6000 crore (ET 21/02/07)

§ FMCG Market : Rs 64000 crore ( ET 07/02/07)

§ Chocolate Bar market size : Rs 350 crore

§ Ice cream market size : Rs 1000 crore

§ Carbonated Soft Drink Market size : Rs 5000 crore

Chocolate Market In India

Facts & Figures

ü Chocolate market is estimated to be around 1500 crores (Danielson) growing at 18-20% p.a.

ü Cadbury is the market leader with 72% market share in organized chocolate market.

ü The per capita consumption of chocolate in India is 300 gram compared with 1.9 kilograms in developed markets such ...
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