Business Research-Ramada Case
1. Build the management research question hierarchy for RAMADA
RFS were eager to learn how to employ the right people and how to motivate those individuals. In planning, RFS wanted to include the “face-to-face employee input” with regard to hiring, training, and motivation.
RFS must properly identify their dilemma and develop the management, research, investigative, and measurement questions. Based on the D. K. Shifflet survey of customer satisfaction, RFS could accurately state their management dilemma as increasing customer satisfaction at their many properties.
Management Question: With the dilemma stated, the management question would be how do we increase customer satisfaction?
Research questions, which are the objective of the research study, would include – what can management do to improve customer satisfaction, how is employee attitude and motivation connected to customer satisfaction, should we add employee incentives to reward increased customer service ratings, and should we modify hiring and training procedures?
Investigative questions: The next step is determining the information decision makers need to know and answer to arrive at a conclusion – the investigative questions. Investigative questions would include how can we include employees in the decision making, how often should employees be awarded for their part in increasing customer service satisfaction, how should training be presented, and how involved should management be in training.
Measurement questions, those asked of the participants or observations made that are to be recorded, is the final step before the management decision.
2. Apply the research process model to the ramada research initiative
a. explain the role and process of exploration in ramada’s res ...
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