Apple (computers) Industry Analysis

Mission and Vision
Because Apple Computer Inc. has an outdated mission statement, our proposed mission statement is:
Apple is committed to bringing the best computing lifestyle to all consumers and "prosumers" (professional consumers) around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. At Apple, we are the forerunners of performance, innovation, and style. We're not selling just world class computers; we're selling a revolutionary lifestyle: technology infused with art, blending seamlessly with your living room's modern look. Why settle for just a window to the digital experience when you can immerse yourself with a Mac?
Apple has yet not released a formal vision statement. Thus our suggested vision statement is:
Our vision is for modern consumers everywhere to get the best. Our goal is to induce all consumers to make the switch to a Mac, by providing the most convenient, hassle-free experience. We envision doing more with less: a minimalist approach to technology that unplugs everything, giving the consumer wireless freedom with less clutter. We will do this by being committed to researching the fastest, most-efficient technology and also being responsive, up-to-date with the latest technological developments. Apple Computer Inc.: Get a Mac.

Environmental Scanning
Among the opportunities that Apple can take advantage of is the soaring global demand for computers and tech products. Another is the fact that computers are used in virtually all industries; in reality, some industries could not survive without computers. Moreover, the microchip industry has been experiencing rapid technological advancement. Every few years, advancements in microchips make it possible to have more data stored on s ...
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