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Muslim Commercial Bank Limited was incorporated by the Adamjee Group on July 9, 1947 under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913 as a Limited Company. The bank was established with a view to provide banking facilities to the business community of the sub-continent. The bank was nationalized in 1974 during the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This was the first bank to privatized in 1991 and the bank was purchased by a consortium of distinguished Pakistani corporate groups, led by Nishat Group. Currently the Nishat Group owns a majority stake in the bank. The president of the bank is Mr. Atif Bajwa (previously with Citibank) and the Chairman is Mian Mohammad Mansha.
In 2003 the management of the bank changed its name from Muslim Commercial Bank Limited to MCB Bank Limited (MCB). On May 5th, 2008 Maybank of Malyasia bought 15% of Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan.

MCB is currently the 4th largest bank in Pakistan in terms of share of total banking assets and the largest by market capitalization it has a robust franchise with 994 branches including 6 overseas branches (as of FY06). MCB also has the 4th largest branch network and the second largest ATM network in Pakistan after Allied Bank Ltd. Based on the audited financial statement for the period ending December 31, 2006 the bank had USD 5.7 Billion in Total Assets and Net Income of USD 207 Million. It has a market capitalization of approximately USD 4.3 Billion by end December 2007. The MCB Tower in Karachi serves as the MCB's headquarters, and is also the ta ...
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