I have chosen abortion as the topic to write a position document which indicates what the healthcare profession's legal and moral stance should be and why. Before I began I want to share my experience of almost having an abortion with my son nearly six years ago. At the time I was with a guy who was an alcoholic and did not work and had no idea where he was heading in life. I did not drink but was not sure if we were going to be together forever. We accidentally got pregnant and as soon as we figured it out we went to the abortion clinic because we knew at that time that would be the best for all of us. I found out I was at least five months along which meant at that point going through the pregnancy and delivering a dead baby. I turned around and walked out. I could not put myself and my child through that. So, I chose life for my child through adoption. This was a very tough decision but what really matters is if I am okay with the decision and I am.
Legal stance:
Under common law abortions that are done prior to the fetus's first movements are legal. In 1959, the AMA adopted an anti-abortion position. The states began passing statutes which made induced abortions a crime with the exception that it would save the mother's life. In the 60s and 70s, these laws were amended to permit induced abortion, only if the physical or the mental health of the mother was in danger, the child is at risk for genetic defects, or if the pregnancy was the result of a rape or incest. People say that you have to either be pro-life or pro-abortion and that you can't be both. I say I can be both pro-choice and pro-abortion. If there is a danger to the mother or she was rape, she should be able to rid herself of all the pain that she ha ...
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