Abernathy And Frontier Bank Case Study

We will begin by stating the problems faced by Mr. Abernathy when he joined Frontier bank as a C.E.O:
• Lack of professionalism in employees
• Overstaffing
• Incompetency of the employees

After going through all the 3 advices given to Mr. Abernathy, we believe that none of the 3 solution is competent enough to solve the problem alone. There should be the amalgamation of the solutions.

First we would like to state the disadvantages and/or consequences of each solution.

Drawbacks of Solution 1(by professor 1):
• There will be tremendous increase in workload of the employees, due to that; they might resist the decision of Mr. Abernathy.
• There will be no expertise introduced in the firm. So he will have to carry on with old employees.
• There is no solution related to overstaffing in Frontier bank in his advice.

Drawbacks of solution 2(by professor 2):
• If Mr. Abernathy employs his ex-colleagues, he might be able to communicate well with them and may get his desired outputs, but there will be distrust among the existing employees of Frontier bank who might not be ready to take orders from a person who is being selected due to his relations with C.E.O.
• At crucial times, it might be that Mr. Abernathy is biased towards his ex-colleagues. Even if he is not biased, employees will not be convinced if he favors any of his ex-colleague.
• There might be a resistance from the existing employees and they might be demoralized.

Drawbacks of solution 3(by Lawyer):
• He should not go for the entire new team, because due to that, the existing employees will be demotivated as they are not recognized and cared enough.
• It can be a tough task to search the employees who are hot shots in their f ...
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