Job Design and Goal Setting
At the Aberdeen plant, job design and goal setting are utilized very effectively. Beginning with the hiring process, people who display the potential to perform in the environment that has been created are selected. By doing this, management ensures that the new recruits will fit into the system, which is focus on teamwork rather than on individual accomplishments. By creating teams for employees to work with, this gives them the autonomy to complete the job as the team sees fit. Additionally the job design is such that it promotes and encourages job enlargement. People have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by learning different aspects of the job and to become proficient in other areas.
The techniques used at Aberdeen can be incorporated into the Green River plant operations. However, due to the significantly increased size of Green River, it would be necessary for Green River to go about it a little differently. Specifically, I would recommend that Green River operations be subdivided into smaller manageable operations. By creating these divisions, it will be clear what each division is responsible for. Within the divisions, people can be better integrated into the operation of that particular division. Specific goals for each division will be established and each employee will have a better understanding of where they fit in the bigger scheme of things. Additionally, within each division, people can learn all the aspects of the particular division they work in to enhance their job knowledge.
Performance Appraisal
The Aberdeen plant utilizes a peer evaluation process for their performance appraisals. By creating a system in which peers review everyone, allows for real-time feedback when certain sta ...
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