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a) I think that above all the interest of the family was protected above all by the emotional bond created between the three brothers by the death of their father. This can clearly be seen after the dispute between Talal and Zeid when the author said:
Nevertheless, the sense of isolation after their father’s death kept the three brothers close.
We believed for a long time that we were a bunch of orphans who must stick together.
We were all sort of trapped together, physically and emotionally.
Talal was supposed to be the enforcer of the family sticking together both in business and in family issues but after getting married and having children he was reluctant to play that role partly out of kindness and because he feared to give feedback to other family members.
So the task of bringing the family together was left to Sharif as he always mediated disputes between the brothers. He did not want to separate the family because he saw strength in their unity.
b) Logically being the older brother Talal was appointed CEO of the business. But he was reluctant to play the role of the leader mainly because he was kind and feared that negative feedback could hurt the other family members so he was more of a team player and the three brothers started out by trading responsibilities. Because of flaws in Talal‘s leadership Sharif usually made all the calls when it came to business he did all the brainstorming and came up with most of the ideas. When his daughters were ready to enter the business Talal supported the independency of decisions without separating the businesses because Sharif being the most successful one made 80% of their whole revenue. So mainly Sharif tried to keep or was keeping the business holding ...
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