Essay Question 1: What are the elements of a good online retailing (e-tailing) website? Give examples, including the web address of a firm's website that you feel uses these elements successfully

The online stores are nothing but an extension of retailing. In net terminology it is known as E-tailing. If you go by definition, it is "E-tailing refers to retailing over the internet. Thus an e-tailor is a B2C business that executes a transaction with the final consumer. E-tailors can be pure play businesses like or businesses that have evolved from a legacy business, E-tailing is a subset of e-commerce"

It is crucial in any e-tailing business to keep the shopping process simple, fast, and consistent. The average time to shop keeps getting faster at just over four minutes with less than five clicks in the process from product selection through checkout.

I personally look for the sites, which are fast to load, got a lot of information about the displayed products, good prices of course should be there and which gives the price comparison with other big players. Apart from this, I look for the customer related services. This includes no value added service Also if the site has got any? section which is updated quite often for latest articles, latest trends on the online shopping and about the product details / description. The normal practice which I follow is to rely on the search engines for the desired product. Thanks to Google that it gives impartial results and very precise ones. Though it does not work on semantics, but most of the time it gives desired results. Many comparison websites are there to find out competitive rates, I like as you can get many vendors for the same products. The normal process whic ...
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