Abc Company New Employee Oh & S Manual

ABC Company New Employee OH & S Manual

About the Manual
OH & S is Occupational Health and Safety. Occupational health and safety is about providing and maintaining a work environment that is safe and without risks to health. The term ¡®occupational health and safety¡¯ reflects the emphasis on both occupational health and occupational safety. Occupational safety involves protecting people from danger such as falls, strains, being hit by objects or electric shock. Occupational health has a broader focus, and can include a range of factors that may contribute to ill health in the work environment.
As new employees, OH & S Regulation is much more important because they may don¡¯t know anything or just know a part of them about how to protect themselves and other workmates when working in the workplace. If one doesn¡¯t know how to keep oneself in a safety situation, it¡¯ll certainly lead to the accident.
After reading this manual, you may have a general idea about how to keep yourself and other workmates in a safety workplace.

Objectives of the OH & S Act
In all jurisdictions there are several specific Acts and Regulations dealing with health and safety in the workplace. The underlying objectives of each separate legislation are very similar
¡ñ To secure the health, safety and welfare of persons at work, including employer, employees and the self-employed
¡ñ To protect persons at work against risks to health or safety
¡ñ To assist in securing safe and healthy work environments
¡ñ To eliminate, reduce and control at the source, risks to the health, safety and welfare of persons at work
¡ñ To provide for the involvement of employees and employers and associations representing employees and employers in the formulation and ...
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