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The team of MBA students of Riga Business School has carried out the analysis of existing leadership problem in one of the Banks in Latvia. The problem still remains unsolved in this organization. The analysis has been carried out in the context of the leadership management theories and concepts. The information used in our analysis has been obtained from one of our team members who is also an employee in the organization analyzed.
We also state at the beginning of the report that for confidentiality reasons the real name of the organization is not revealed, but referred to as “ABC Bank”; all the names of employees mentioned in this report are changed; all thoughts and feelings of employees are team’s assumption. Problem solutions by main character of the organization analyzed are team’s recommendations.

Facing the reality
It was 9 p.m. in the evening and John Smith was still in his office. He had over ten e-mails to reply, and a stack of documents to read and give feedback. John felt absolutely done in. The events of today’s meeting were “the last straw to break the camel’s back”.
As a vice chairman of the executive board of ABC Bank, John has participated in a number of meetings every day. Though today’s meeting was initiated by Andris Pumpurs, Head of a new-made Private Banking unit, who brought up a conflict situation that occurred recently. Andris insisted that a major change should be made in order for the Bank to grow and follow its Corporate Governance policy. According to Andris the main problem is that units John Smith is responsible for are not functioning properly. None of the Heads of these units are willing to take responsibility and to make decisions. All major and minor issues are approved by John and therefore the responsibility i ...
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