Abc Apparels, Indore

Ritesh Kumar, Chief executive of ABC apparel is busy searching for market information on the current value of fashion apparels for kids between the age group six to fourteen. Since 2005 when Ritesh took over the position from his father was keen on maintaining business standards and evolving ways for sustained cash flows from the business.

ABC Apparel is a is a prime manufacturing unit specializing garments for Kids of the age group 6 to 16 years, located in Indore (M.P.). Indore is seen as a preferred destination for garment manufacturing among other cities such as Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Surat to name a few. Indore city has a dedicated cloth market, which caters to manufacturers, whole sellers and retailers in industry. Earlier about 20 years back the city was termed as having major potential to produce raw cloth in various categories. Indore had many cloth mills operating till early nineties. Still despite of being devoid of manufacturing advantage, the city is producing large amount of cloth through its automatic and semi-automatic power looms.

Looking on to the supply side, garment manufacturing is quite prevalent in Indore. Many firms jointly produce traditional, ethnic and western outfits. ABC is located in the heart of the city and enjoys operating advantage in terms of its distribution network and channel partners. The company is catering to the needs of various retailers and whole sale dealers in Kids wears. The company has a primary operating unit at the Central Industrial Zone and two other processing units in industrial area along the highway. Including the distribution network firm employs 55 full time, part time employees and commission agents. The company is a sole proprietorship concern with Mr. Ashok Kumar, the owner of the firm manag ...
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