A Tribute To Maxine

A Tribute To Maxine
Loving, Thoughtful, A true Friend, Protector, Humorous, Serious, Virtuous, are some of the characteristic my sister has, to spell out in depths who she is to me.

She’s Loving, Maxine has shown an eternally love for family down through the years she has shown her love for her Father Mother Sisters and Brothers Nieces, Nephews alike, her unselfish unconditional spirit of showing her love is undeniable, A love was instilled from childhood to adulthood. A love she shared on this earth and will have rejoicing in heaven.

Maxine is a True Friend once you have befriended her, you have a dependable friend indeed like the scriptures says, Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow. Ecc.4:9-10:a

Maxine is serious about life and shows it by her strive to keep the important things in life up front she’s stern but, honest strait -forward yet truthful, stout and still committed.

Maxine is a Protector she has always fought the fight of faith when she was a child she fought physically the persons who she felt would bring harm to her family through word and deed and would conquer the battle now that she has became a woman learned better she has learned to fight the spiritual war that is cast upon us as a believing Christian.

Maxine is Thoughtful of others putting someone else well being before hers is a genuine quality she possesses with unwavering strength a strength no doubt she learned through the many challenges that life presented, she learned the value of thoughtfulness that she had to be different, in her own unique way.
Maxine is Humorous She will tell you a story that will have you crying out laughing and keep you in high ...
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