A Time Management Plan

A Time Management Plan

Lakeisha Pledger


My name is Lakeisha Pledger, and I live in Conway, Arkansas. I have three boys

who are my inspirations for beginning this journey here at Kaplan University. My

contact information is as follows; username [email protected], AIM

name is malsgirlk. This course name and section number is Composition 1 for Business

Majors and CM105-01. Our seminar day and time is Wednesday, 12pm (EST.). My

Instructor contact information and office hours are as follows: email address;

[email protected], AIM name; mizenglish247 and Mondays 7-8pm and

Wednesdays 11 am-12-pm. This information will be very helpful for myself and my


As a result of projects being turned in after 11:59 ET on Tuesdays our projects

if late projects will be subject to one letter grade markdown late posting will result in 5

points a day for each day they are late up to 20 points. Seminars are very important I

have noticed while reading the syllabus they are worth 5 points. I am so glad there are

alternative options to receiving the points needed for attending seminars. With class

being online this gives us very flexible options and with having a family; things are sure

to happen and make attendance to seminar impossible. So, in reading

seminar participation I am so thankful we have a second option. The rubric for the

seminars is very helpful because it breaks down exactly what is expected of you to

receive full points. Responses that are on topic, original, makes frequent references to

material, clearly written and meets posted lengt ...
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