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Economical: tied in with the automobile industry because of concumer’s purchasing power, demand & supply strongly linked to per capita income

Technological: major factors for Toyota, highly depending on innovative technology. Technological changes (i.e. Prius) have contributed to the company success.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Before your portfolio hand-in date, try to visit at least one show or exhibition and document it in your portfolio. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a large, expensive show such as the Clothes Show, Motor Show etc. There are lots of smaller exhibitions, many held locally and often as part of larger public events. If you are involved in a sport, hobby or other leisure activity, there is almost certainly an exhibition aimed at your pastime, so it can be something that you will find enjoyable. Remember too that there are other types of exhibitions, such as mobile exhibitions, that you could access.

Here are some questions you could try to answer when you are thinking about the exhibition. Do answer the first questions, but after that be guided by your interests eg if you are interested in exhibition design, you might focus more on that; if you are interested in personal selling, focus on that aspect etc.

These questions are based on what we covered in the lecture, so refer to the slides if you are unsure what is being asked.

1. What type of exhibition is it and who is it aimed at?

2. What types of activities are being carried out at the exhibition – refer to the slides on reasons for exhibiting?

3. Focus on specific exhibitors. How suitable do you think this exhibition is for their business? What objectives do you think they will fulfil by exhibiting?
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