A Jack Of All Trades: The Importance Of Being Well-Rounded In The Workplace

The Importance of Being Well-Rounded in the Workplace
Submitted to Robert P. Campbell by
Deron R. Dantzler
in partial fulfillment of CARD410.

June 19, 2005


There are literally hundreds of desirable traits in the workplace. Of these, one of the arguably most important is to be well-rounded in the workplace. Many skills can assist an individual in being a well-rounded employee. Oral communication skills, written communication skills, teamwork, technical skills, leadership skills, adaptation skills, computer skills, interpersonal skills and analytic abilities are some of the key factors to a well-rounded employee. While these skills all seem to be of equal ability to the well-rounded employee, the scope of this paper will only delve into a few of the skills preceding. Technical skills, oral communication skills and leadership skills will all be detailed in this review in an attempt to help you (the reader) become a well-rounded employee.

Technical Skills in the Workplace

Technical skills are the formal name for the knowledge to perform the task at hand. One acquires technical skills by training in formal school systems or in the work environment. Experience is probably one of the most important factors in growing your technical skill in a subject. The importance of technical skills in the workplace is undeniable. Without the knowledge of the subject at hand, there is virtually no way possible to be a well-rounded person. Without technical skills you are not likely to be able to even do the job at hand.

Here's a brief story for example about an individual in the workplace, and how his lack of technical skills hindered his ability to be well rounded in the workplace, ...
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