A High Involvement Purchase

In December of 2002, Nick decided to purchase his girlfriend, of two and a half, years an engagement ring that would symbolize his commitment and dedication to her. Nick and his girlfriend, Karen, met through work where they both were tellers at Wells Fargo Bank in Glendale, Arizona. Karen graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Economics and is currently working for DeWalt/Black and Decker in Florida. Nick plans on graduating from ASU in December with a degree in Finance. He will then pursue his career in Florida along with going to school for his MBA. Nick feels that "everyone should go to college, but the ultimate is obtaining an even higher degree".
When Nick went to purchase his engagement ring, he did not know what Karen liked, except for the fact that she wore silver. Nick knew that even though he did not know what kind of cut Karen liked, she would be happy with whichever he chose. He mentioned that it is not the diamond that matters, but the uniting of two people and the beginning of a new life together. Nick wanted to buy a ring that Karen would be proud to wear and that he would enjoy looking at on her finger. He purchased a beautiful one-carat princess cut diamond that is of good clarity and color. It has a platinum band with the diamond sitting in 14K white gold prongs. Nick flew to Florida to surprise Karen on Valentine's Day 2003 and proposed. As Nick had expected, Karen loved her engagement ring.
Demographic Profile
Nick grew up in Chicago for 17 years and then joined the Marines, which moved him to California and then to Yuma, Arizona. After Nick got an honorable discharge from the Marines, he attended community college and then chose ASU for his undergraduate studies. He goes to school ful ...
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